What is a cèilidh?

A cèilidh or céilí is a gathering or party traditionally Scottish or Irish social and is a gaelic word.

In its most basic form, it simply means a social visit.

In contemporary usage, it usually involves dancing and playing Gaelic folk music, either at a house party or a larger concert at a social hall or other community gathering place. Many people think of barn dances when they think of ceilidhs.

It is ceilidh pronounced kay lee.

Ceilidh dancing can be found in each of the Celtic regions.

At one you will find lots of group dance and include these popular dances:

  • Strip the willow which is a long line dance

  • Gay gordons

  • Dashing white sergeant

Dress code

There is no dress code at Lowender Peran, just make sure you are in something which you can move about well in.

Ceilidh band

We will have many bands at Lowender Peran to enjoy, including local Cornish groups who play Celtic music.

Dance floor

We have one of the best in Cornwall so you'll have good solid footing as you enjoy all the dancing.

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