Next May Côr Meibion Clwb Rygbi Aberteifi will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Not bad when you consider that the MD, Rhian Medi swears she agreed to conduct only because she believed the boys 'wouldn’t last more than a fortnight!’

Since performing at Lowender Peran 2 years ago, they have sung at many weddings, some funerals and have recently returned from a Mariners’ Festival at Pempoul, Brittany. A really, really good time was had by all. Fewer than 20 singers have ventured to Cornwall this year; the rest are still recovering from Brittany!

Several new members have joined lately, but like most choirs, there is never a night when everyone makes it to practice. It is a choir tradition that the MD buys a round of champagne when membership crosses a landmark figure such as 30.

Highlights from the decade include singing at the Millenium Stadium, singing in 4 parts, (at times successfully) and all foreign travels. Ymlaen i Gernow.