Argh Ilow Kernow (The Cornish Music Archive) is a collaboration between Lowender Peran and The Institute of Cornish Studies to create an archive and on-line database of Cornish music. As part of this project speakers are invited to Lowender Peran each year to talk on different aspects of Cornish music.

This year’s symposium will take the form of conversations – keskowsow – between individuals representing different Cornish music traditions and how Cornish identity is celebrated and expressed within those traditions. Conversations will include  Gwenno Saunders and Mark Trevethan, Cornish language lead at Cornwall Council talking about the Cornish language and popular music.  Gwenno has taken the Cornish language into the mainstream with the runaway success of her Cornish language album ‘Le Kov’. 



Beneden Room - 10.30am - 12pm


A lively poetic session with four original and quite different writers - the best of contemporary Cornish poetic writing.

Des Hannigan is a travel writer, climber, fisherman and poet who lives at Morvah. He has explored zawns and cliffs which have possibly never been seen up-close by a person before. He writes of the sea, the land, and the very complex relationship which one has with the other, and both have with humans - a lyrical and insightful voyage.

Johanna Egar is a teacher and poet. She explores the origins of folk lore in some of her work, and the raw ends of being a modern woman in a world where thought and relationships speak of modernity but come to the unerring truths of emotion and instinct - an inventive and skilful poet with a natural presence.

Pol Hodge is a Cornish poet in every sense- he writes in Kernewek, dialect, sometimes English. He is surreal, ironic, bittersweet and polemical, but always entertaining and knowledgeable. He ranges through millennia of history and probes the crevices of the domestic everyday, all with a lyricism and wit which mean that, no matter where he is on the planet, when he speaks poems ears prick up.

Bert Biscoe is a songwriter and poet who rambles around the Cornish experience,looking for routes to celebration and freedom. There's a political edge to Bert's work blended with a lyrical turn of phrase and a lifetime of acquired poetic craftsmanship.

Bert and Pol are well known around many Cornish communities as Dew Vardh - many a rain-drenched WI meeting has waded home with a smile in its collective heart after an evening with the two bards.

3.30 – 5pm, Little Dining Room - Sunday 3rd November