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7.30 - 9pm - THE WINDING WORLD - Main Dining Room

The Winding World is based on a true tale. A baby found in the snow in a Cornish cove, a love story and a community with all its oddities, secrets and humanity. The story is told with original stories, songs and a soundtrack written by Anna Maria Murphy and the musicians of Bagas Degol.

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7.30 - 10.30pm - HALLOWEEN BEASTLY BALL - Ballroom

Our Thursday evening troyl will be an extra special one this year, a ‘Beastly Ball’ brought to us by Cornwall’s own Tros an Treys in celebration of Nos Kalan Gwaf (Winter’s Eve) and All Hallow’s Eve. An opportunity to don your Guize Dance masks and mock posh costume. There is also rumour a special guest will be sprung from Bodmin jail especially for the evening... watch out for the ritual resurrection of Beast of Bodmin! 

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11am - 12.30pm - NEWQUAY OLD CORNWALL SOCIETY TALK - Main Dining Room

Newquay Old Cornwall Society will present a visual talk entitled “Unsavoury Trade – Cornwall’s Wreckers & Smugglers with reference to Newquay”.

Providing an overview of Cornish smuggling & wrecking it will show how activity in the Newquay area led to a growth in the town and population.


1.30 - 3pm - TOTS TROYL - Ballroom

Ceilidh dancing for the under 5s and their families.

2 - 3.30pm - NEWQUAY OLD CORNWALL SOCIETY GUIDED WALK - Meet in the Hotel Bristol Foyer

The guided walk follows the coast path from the Hotel Bristol looking at features on both the seaward and landward side of the walk. Historical photographs will also be available to compare with current views. Ending at Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum there will be special exhibitions by Truro College History Heritage & Archaeology students and rare 19th century Newquay artwork.

6 - 7.30pm - RAKKA

Music in the Ballroom with:

6pm - Mark Lawrence

6.50pm - Mad Jack of the Boneyard

7.30 - 8.30pm - BEGINNERS/IMPROVERS SESSION with Matt Bray

7.30 - 9pm - CONCERT with PETE BERRYMAN and VRI - Main Dining Room

Traditional music comes to the concert hall! BBC Radio Two Folk Awards and Welsh Folk Award nominees  Vri  perform their ‘Folk Chamber’ style music, alongside Cornwall's own guitar virtuoso Pete Berryman.

8.30 - 10.30pm - COCKTAIL BAR SESSION - kicked off by Greta Curtin

7.45pm - 12.45am - EVENING DANCES - Ballroom

7.45 - 9.15pm - Manx Ceili with Ny Fennee

9.30 - 11pm - Irish Ceili with Jerry O’Reilly & Rosie Davis

11.15 - 12.45am - Scottish Ceilidh with Sophie Stephenson

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11am - 12pm - TUNE / SONG SWAP with Vri & Bagas Crowd - Cocktail Bar

Join pioneers of Welsh chamber-folk music, Vrï, and Cornwall’s own prolific fiddle community group, Bagas Crowd, for a session of Welsh and Cornish tunes and songs. The session is open to all, and all instrument types and voices are welcome.

11am - 4pm - CRAFT FAIR - Ballroom

Back with us for 2019 we’re delighted to be showcasing some of Cornwall’s finest makers, this time in the Ballroom at the Hotel Bristol in Newquay.  

11am - 2pm - MIROUR HUS / MAGIC MIRROR PORTRAITS - Little Dining Room

Come and have your photo taken on this giant full length interactive ‘selfie’ mirror, and learn one or two words of Kernewek – the Cornish language – at the same time. Grab some  props and say ‘keus!’ (Cheese) with a whole host of speech bubbles with different phrases in Cornish. Print outs available for a donation, so you can take home a souvenir of your day. 

11am - 5.30pm - MUSIC AND DANCE DISPLAYS - Main Dining Room

  • 11.15 - 11.30am - Newquay U3A

  • 11.40am - 12.10pm - Penzance Guizers

  • 12.20 - 12.50pm - Jerry O'Reilly & Rosie Davis

  • 1 - 1.30pm - Oll an Gwella

  • 1.40 - 2.10pm - Bolingey Troyl Band

  • 2.20 - 2.50pm - Krelys

  • 3 - 3.30pm - Ny Fennnee

  • 3.40 - 4.10pm - Cor Clwb Rygbi Aberteifi

  • 4.20 - 4.50pm - Kemysk

  • 5 - 5.30pm - Sophabulous

11am - 1pm - FAMILY ACTIVITIES - Beneden Room


11am - 1pm - #BILIKERNOW Pebble Painting

Have a go at painting your own #BiliKernow pebbles. ‘Bili’ means pebbles in the Cornish language. #BiliKernow has been inspired by the hidden rocks phenomenon encouraging children and families everywhere to get creative and get outdoors. The twist with #BiliKernow is that all the rocks have a word or message in the Cornish language on the back. Splann! (Superb!). As well as adding a bit of magic to someone's day, we hope finding these rocks will inspire curiosity about Kernewek, the Cornish language. There will be help on hand to help give inspiration for pictures to paint as well as translations.

11am - 1pm - Face Painting

Tying in with the Morgowr stories, come and enjoy FREE face painting on a sea creature theme; sea serpents, mermaids and many more!

11.15 - 12pm - Kids’ Singing Workshop

Come and enjoy a good old Cornish sing-song led by Bronnie Gibbons.

12.30 - 1pm - Storytelling from the tales of Morgowr: The Cornish Sea Giant

First sighted and reported in 1876, Morgowr (Cornish for ‘Sea Giant’) is believed to live in Falmouth Bay and Helford River Estuary. Morgowr (a Plesiosaur) tells her own story of how her family survived the Cretaceous extinction of the dinosaurs, why she came to Cornwall and where she has been hiding for the past few years. Join this ancient and magical creature on her adventures read by the book’s multi award-winning author, Judy Scrimshaw.

2pm - 5.30pm - CLASSIC SESSIONS - Cocktail Bar

2 - 3pm - Cornish with Bagas Crowd

3.15 - 4.15 pm - Scottish with Sophie Stephenson

4.30 - 5.30pm - Irish with Greta Curtin

2 - 5.30pm - DANCE WORKSHOPS - Beneden Room

2 - 3pm - Welsh with Dawnswyr Tawerin

3.15 - 4.15pm - Breton with Begon

4.30 - 5.30pm - Manx with Ny Fennee

3.30 - 5pm - MORGANNOW / SHANTIES IN CORNISH - Little Dining Room

Thanks to Matt Blewett and Tir Ha Tavas ( Dee and Dave Brotherton) Lowender Peran’s Morgannow project reached far and wide this year. We even had Bodmin Play’s Ragadazio belting out shanties in Cornish during Bodmin Riding and Heritage festival in July. Matt, Dee and Dave will be leading the Cornish shanty session in the Little Dining Room from 3pm on Saturday 2nd November. Simple repetitive lyrics which are projected on to a screen make it easy for all to join in and if you want a taster before hand visit the project website: www.morgannow.link

5 - 7pm - RAKKA - Ballroom

5 - 5.30pm - Tinner’s Rabbit

5.45 - 6.15pm - London Gwerin

6.30 - 7pm - The Stowes

7.30 - 8.30pm - BEGINNERS/IMPROVERS SESSION led by Matt Bray - Little Dining Room

7.30 - 9pm - CONCERT with KRISMENN and GWENNO - Main Dining Room

Fresh from an appearance on Jools Holland and a tour with the Manic Street Preachers, Gwenno performs tracks from her electro-pop Cornish language album Le Kov, alongside Krismenn – trailblazer of Breton language rap and beatboxing.

8.30 - 10.30pm - COCKTAIL BAR SESSION led by The Stowes - Cocktail Bar

7.30pm - 12.45am - EVENING DANCES:

7.30 - 9pm - Welsh Twmpath with Dawnswyr Tawerin - Ballroom

9.15 - 10.45pm - Scottish Ceilidh with Sophie Stephenson - Ballroom

9.30 - 11pm - Irish Ceili with Jerry O’Reilly - Main Dining Room

11 - 12.30am - Cornish Troyl with Splann - Ballroom

11.15 - 12.45am - Breton Fest Noz with Begon - Main Dining Room

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Concert - 7.30 - 9pm - Find out more about Gwenno




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10am - 12pm - CORNISH MUSIC SYMPOSIUM - Beneden Room

Keskowsow / Conversations

Argh Ilow Kernow (The Cornish Music Archive) is a collaboration between Lowender Peran and The Institute of Cornish Studies to create an archive and on-line database of Cornish music. As part of this project speakers are invited to Lowender Peran each year to talk on different aspects of Cornish music. This year’s symposium will take the form of conversations – keskowsow – between individuals representing different Cornish music traditions and how Cornish identity is celebrated and expressed within those traditions.

Conversations will include Gwenno Saunders and Mark Trevethan, Cornish language lead at Cornwall Council talking about the Cornish language and popular music.  Gwenno has taken the Cornish language into the mainstream with the runaway success of her Cornish language album ‘Le Kov’. 

11am - 2pm - CULTURAL EXPO and Family Activities - Ballroom

Come and find out about what a host of organisations are doing to celebrate Cornwall’s rich cultural heritage with stands including An Daras, the Cornish Dance Society, Cornwall Heritage Trust and many more. During the afternoon you can also enjoy Cornish dance displays, wrestling demonstrations, music, songs and activities for all the family.

11am - 12pm - Dress Up

Come and dress up as a Bal Maiden or a Tin Miner and take your photo taken against a Cornish mining landscape.

11am - 12pm - Get Creative Session with Blystra Arts

Enjoy arts and crafts for the whole family with this session led by Blystra Arts



Put your taste buds to the test and learn a few words of Cornish. How does your ice cream taste? frutys (fruity)? hweg (sweet?) holanek (salty)? Can you guess what flavour it is?

Pre-book one of the three blind taste workshops at 11am, 11.45am or 12.15pm.

At the end of the session you’ll get a voucher for one free scoop of your favourite Cornish ice cream. If you can’t make the workshops but you’d still like an ice cream, you can buy a scoop separately from the ice cream cart in the Ballroom.

Workshops: 11am, 11.45am, 12.15pm, Little Dining Room

To book on one of the sessions please click on the links below (Limited spaces available!)

11.30am - 12.30pm - CLASSIC SESSIONS - Cocktail Bar

11.30am - 12.30pm - Breton with Begon

12.45 - 1.45pm - Welsh with Dawnswyr Tawerin

2 - 3pm - Manx with Ny Fennee

11.30am - 4pm - DANCE DISPLAYS & MUSIC - Main Dining Room

  • 11.30 - 12.00pm - Will Keating

  • 12.10 - 12.40pm - Tros an Treys

  • 12.50 - 1.20pm - Breton music and dance display

  • 1.30 - 2pm - Kekezza

  • 2.10 - 2.40pm - Dawnswyr Tawerin

  • 2.50 - 3.20pm - Tan ha Dowr

  • 3.30 - 4pm - Hevva

12.30pm - 4pm - DANCE WORKSHOPS - Beneden Room

12.30 - 1.30 - Irish with Jerry O’Reilly

1.45 - 2.45 - Scottish Step Dance with Sophie Stephenson

3 - 4pm - Cornish Step Dance with Kekezza

1.30 - 3pm - DROLL ADRO - Little Dining Room

The natural resting place for old Cornish folk tales, urban myths, outrageous lies, and spooky stories. Mike is a master wordsmith. Join him for an exploration of the funny, fabulous and downright impossible. If you wish, bring your own tales and add to the fun, both tellers and listeners are welcome.

2.30 - 4.30pm - SINGING SESSION AT NEWQUAY ROWING CLUB - Newquay Rowing Club

Now a firm festival tradition, head down to Newquay Rowing Club where the Rowing Club singers will be singing a selection of popular songs in the Cornish and English language, hosting Cor Clwb Rygbi Aberteifi Choir who will be singing some of their own repertoire of Welsh songs. Also joining the event will be Jerry O’Reilly from Ireland, and Catherine Tinney from Scotland. Everyone is welcome to attend and join in this fun and informal session.

3pm - 4pm - CORNISH WRESTLING - Ballroom

Enjoy a demonstration of the ancient art of Cornish Wrestling - a distinct Cornish tradition that survives to the present day. If you’re brave enough, you can have a go yourself!

3.30 - 5pm - POETRY & DIALECT - Little Dining Room

In between the politics and culture of a land defined by its language lies the means of communication which bridges Kernewek and English. Cornish dialect has known many expressions - from the secretive whisperings of resistance against Cromwellian imperialism to the assertion of difference by Cornish miners in the bars and chapels of America and Australia. And the habit of dialect, its playfulness, difference and usefulness fashion our speech today as much as ever.

Join Bert Biscoe, Pauline Sheppard and Simon Parker for a celebration of dialect as a creative medium - prepare for surrealism, tragedy, wit, obscurantism and yarns.

4.30 - 6pm - ‘SOLE MUSIC’ STEP DANCE SHOWCASE - Ballroom

Bringing together step dancers from across the Celtic world, this concert celebrating percussive dance is the definition of toe-tapping! Featuring performances of traditional step dances from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man and Cornwall. 

6 - 8pm - COCKTAIL BAR SESSION led by Krelys - Cocktail Bar

7.30 - 9pm - CONCERT with PROJECT SMOK - Main Dining Room

A power house of traditional music featuring multi award-winning musicians; Ali Levack (Pipes & Whistles), Pablo Lafuente (Guitar) and Ewan Baird (Bodhrán).

Ali Levack - Whistles Pablo Lafuente - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar Ewan Baird - Bodhran Special Guest - Alice Allen (Cello) Tunes: 'Takaka Rain' - Alan Doherty 'The Fear Polka' - Ali Levack Engineered and mixed by Scott Wood Mastered by Ross Saunders Video by Samuel Hurt

8.30pm - 12am - EVENING DANCES - Ballroom

8.30 - 10pm - Manx with Ny Fennee

10.30 - 12am - Survivors’ Ceilidh with The Brim

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