We have events over the weekend, with the many children’s activities happening on Saturday afternoon.


Tots Troyl (Under 5s)
1.30 – 3pm, Ballroom
Tickets – This event is FREE

Aimed at the under 5s and their parents/carers, but open to families with kids of all ages. A Troyl is Cornwall’s answer to the Scottish Ceilidh – a traditional social dance event.

It’s great exercise and a fantastic way for you and your children to be part of a Cornish music and dance tradition that generations have enjoyed. No previous experience or special footwear necessary. There will be a live band and a caller to guide you through all these small-people friendly dances.

We’re really excited to be hosting our first ever Tots Troyl at Lowender Peran this year.

If you want to see what sort of thing you can expect, it will be along the lines of the brilliant kids ceilidhs run by CeilidhKids in Edinburgh:


Entry to all events in the Hotel Bristol is only £1 (free for children aged 12 and under).

Magic Mirror / Mirour Hus
11am – 2pm, Little Dining Room

Come and have your photo taken on this giant full length interactive ‘selfie’ mirror, and learn one or two words of Kernewek – the Cornish language – at the same time. Grab some  props and say ‘Keus!’ (Cheese) with a whole host of speech bubbles with different phrases in Cornish. Printouts available for a donation, so you can take home a souvenir of your day. 

Dance Displays and Music
11am – 5.30pm, Main Dining Room

Enjoy a rolling programme of dance displays and music from our visiting and local performers. Each dance display will finish with an opportunity to jump up and have a go yourself.

Face Painting

11am – 2pm, Beneden Room

3 – 5pm, Dining Room

Have your face painted as a bear (or any other animal you fancy!) ready for the bear hunt storytelling session.

#BiliKernow Pebble Painting
11am – 1pm, Beneden Room

Have a go at painting your own #BiliKernow pebbles. ‘Bili’ means pebbles in the Cornish language. #BiliKernow has been inspired by the hidden rocks phenomenon encouraging children and families everywhere to get creative and get outdoors.

The twist with #BiliKernow is that all the rocks have a word or message in the Cornish language on the back. Splann! (Superb!). As well as adding a bit of magic to someone's day, we hope finding these rocks will inspire curiosity about Kernewek, the Cornish language. There will be help on hand to help give inspiration for pictures to paint as well as translations.

Kids’ Singing Workshop with Will Keating
11.15am – 12pm

Come and enjoy a good old Cornish sing-song led by one of Cornwall’s most celebrated performers Will Keating.

“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”
12.30 – 1pm

Enjoy hearing the classic tale of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen, but with a twist! It’ll be read in Cornish, and afterwards you can join a group of intrepid explorers on a hunt for bears hidden around the Hotel Bristol. Bear themed refreshments will be available for the story session!


Dress Up
11am – 2pm, Ballroom

Come and dress up as a Bal Maiden or a Tin Miner and take your photo taken against a Cornish mining landscape.

Get Creative Session with Blystra Arts

11am – 2pm, Ballroom  

Get arty with a session led by Blystra Arts – Further details coming from Blystra Arts

Cornish Ice Cream Blind Taste Test
Workshops: 11am, 11.45am, 12.15pm, Little Dining Room

Ice Cream Cart: 11am – 2pm, Ballroom

Put your taste buds to the test and learn a few words of Cornish. How does your ice cream taste? Frutys (fruity)? Hweg (sweet?)  Holanek (salty)? Can you guess what flavour it is?

Pre-book one of the three blind taste workshops at 11am, 11.45am or 12.15pm.

At the end of the session you’ll get a voucher for one free scoop of your favourite Cornish ice cream from the cart in the cultural expo – as long as you order in Cornish! And don’t worry, you’ll be taught how to do that at the workshop.

If you can’t make the workshops but you’d still like an ice cream, you can buy a scoop separately from the ice cream cart in the Ballroom, £2 a scoop or just £1 if you order in Cornish (you’ll get some help if you need it)!  

Dance Displays and Music
11.30am – 4pm, Main Dining Room

Enjoy a rolling programme of dance displays and music from our visiting and local performers. Each dance display will finish with an opportunity to jump up and have a go yourself.

Cornish Wrestling
3 – 4pm, Dining Room

Come and see the ancient art of Cornish Wrestling and, if you feel brave enough, you might even be invited to have a go yourself!

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Entry for the day is only £1 per person.

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