Hevva was formed by an enthusiastic group of like-minded dancers and musicians who wanted to pool their extensive experience to promote, teach and display the traditional dances of Cornwall, one of the Celtic nations [see map].  The group has grown considerably from its beginnings and  is now one of the foremost dance groups in Cornwall, recognisable  by its distinctive traditional costume.

Hevva performs extensively at home, and has also been privileged to represent Cornwall at festivals large and small further afield, from Europe to the Caribbean.

Hevva also provides a band and caller for ceilis or for a full Cornish troyl, which can include dance displays, music, song, a costume presentation and participatory dancing.

What we offer:


Traditional Cornish dance displays.


A band and caller for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions, together with a few dancers to help out on the floor if required.


A full evening of Cornish entertainment, that may include dance displays, music, song, costume presentation and participatory dancing. Hevva also works at times with other artists to incorporate such elements as storytelling into a performance.


Sessions which involve more detailed instruction in Cornish dances than a ceili or troyl.


Music, costume, banners and perhaps even a processional feast day dance to enhance street parades.