Ny Fennee is a traditional, Manx dance group located in the North of the Isle of Man. Ny Fennee is a dynamic, vibrant, young dance group, who put their own spin on traditional manx dances.


Founded in 1980

  • DYNAMIC young dance group based in the North of the Isle of Man.

  • Ny Fennee is under the leadership of Juan Garrett and Sue Jaques.

  • The group works hard to evolve the more traditional dances along new lines.

  • ‘Ny Fennee’ stands for THE HEROES in Manx Gaelic.

  • The group has their own musicians who accompany them at the performances they give throughout the year Island wide.

  • Performances range from dancing at civic occasions and fairs to more commonly calling ceilidhs.

  • Ny Fennee also regularly partake in competitions such as the ‘Dance Mann’ competition supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council, they have won the traditional dance section and have been placed runners up in the overall group performances.

  • The group consists of about 40 members, with the age ranging from young members to ‘young at heart’ members.

  • The dancers at Ny Fennee are sourced from local Northern schools with the standards being constantly refreshed and new standards set for traditional Manx Dance.

Two modern Manx dances performed by one of the Isle of Man's leading traditional dance grous, Ny Fennee. Dooraght is composed by Sue Ling Jaques and Clare's Jig was composed by Clare King, both of Ny Fennee. This was presented as a part of an event in honour of the leading figure in the survival and revival of traditional Manx culture; Sophia Morrison.
Ny Fennee Manx dancers performing a set of traditional and original Manx dances at the Celtic Congress Manks Concert, Peel Centenary Centre, Isle of Man, 1 February 2014. Filmed by Culture Vannin www.culturevannin.im