The International Year of Indigenous languages

The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 2019 as the International year of Indigenous Languages.

As well as a tool for communication, language plays an important in our cultural identity, history and traditions.

A little over 7000 languages are spoken in the world today and around a third of these are endangered, with less than 1000 remaining speakers. We are fortunate that Cornish has a growing number of speakers but it remains important for all of us to engage with the language at whatever level we are comfortable with.

Lowender Peran is your opportunity for conversations or simple greetings and perhaps join in with a few songs in Cornish.

Lowender Peran Bys Vykken!

Elizabeth Carne, Melennek,  
Grand Bard of Gorsedh Kernow

Cornish Phrases - Learn Cornish/Kernewek


Kernewek (Cornish) Sowsnek (English)
Dydh Da! Hello!
Pandr'a vynn'ta eva? What would you like to drink?
Korev / Gwin (rudh/gwynn) / Hwiski / Jynevra Beer / Wine (red/white) / Whisky / Gin
A vynn’ta donsya genev? Mynnav mar pleg / Na vynnav, meur ras Do you want to dance with me? Yes please / No, thank you
Da yw genev an ton/kan na, pyth yw y hanow? I like that tune/song, what’s it called?
My a gar dehen rew! I love ice cream!
Pyth yw an gwella blas dehen rew dhis? Choklet / Sevi / Menta / Karamel yw... What is your favourite flavour ice cream? It’s... Chocolate / Strawberry / Mint / Caramel
Dha weles (sg.) / Agas gweles (pl.) Goodbye