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Pete Berryman

Pete Berryman is one of Cornwall's best known musical faces but is also one of the UK’s hidden jewels, preferring to work ‘under the radar’ rather than in the spotlight.

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A respected and distinctive guitarist and award winning songwriter, he is well known for his part in the 60s folk scene that produced Wizz Jones, Ralph McTell, Michael Chapman, Al Stewart, Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, all of whom he played or recorded with through the years.

A founding member of the revered Famous Jug Band which featured Clive Palmer of the Incredible String Band, Pete went on to record a highly influential guitar album “Sky In My Pie” with John James for Transatlantic Records and collaborated with many notable artists,| toured internationally, sound-tracked theatre and film, and even guested on the Old Grey Whistle Test. In 2017 “Come What May”, a joint album with Wizz Jones [ who inspired the young Eric Clapton, Keith Richard and Rod Stewart] and Simeon Jones, was released and in 2018 Wizz co-produced Pete's first song album, “Distant Shore”.

Pete has appeared at Lowender Peran many times: as accompanist [with Brenda Wootton], with bands [Blue Ticket, West, PB3], with Merv Davey, Adrian O'Reilly and Pauline Sheppard, and as a solo artist .

At this concert he will feature his arrangements of Cornish tunes from his critically acclaimed album “ The Ghosts of May” and his songs in the Cornish language.

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