Everything about Lowender Peran is wonderful.”

Everything about Lowender Peran is wonderful, the dancing and the dancers the music and the musicians, the atmosphere and the fact that it is Celtic!

Gilly RP.

Excellent music, song and dance!”

The festival was superb this year! Excellent music, song and dance, and a very welcoming venue!

Alex T.

Well what can I say!! An amazing festival in a fantastic new venue, The Hotel Bristol, Newquay, Cornwall. Plenty of rooms for different events, catering for all tastes & ages. Something for everyone, poetry, children’s activities, singing & of course music & dance everywhere!

Well done to all the organisers. Hotel Bristol is definitely a keeper as far as I’m concerned, the staff embraced the whole weekend & were incredibly helpful & friendly. Already booked in for next year!

I highly recommend to everyone to add the Lowender Festival to their calendar every year!

Ceri E .


May it long continue!”

Brilliant fantastic singing may it long continue

Rod G.

Looking forward to next year already.”

Loved the new venue, and top marks to the hotel staff as well! Had an excellent time, looking forward to next year already.

Ben S.

Brilliant in every way.”

Brilliant in every way. Best venue yet, fingers crossed it will be there again next year. The staff were all fantastic and lovely too.

Lowender Peran Glad you had a good time. We are already booked into the hotel Bristol for our 40th anniversary next year, 1st to 4th November 2018 :)

Jemima P.

The best festival for some years!”

The best festival for some years, huge thanks to the hard work of the festival directors and their volunteers.
Huge thanks to everyone who performed.

Not least huge thanks to all at The Hotel Bristol, which has outshon in every way possible the previous venue.

Chris T.

Loved by festival goers worldwide

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