Formed in February 2013, Tir ha Tavas, which means “land and language” in the Cornish language Kernewek, is Delia Brotherton, Myrghwyn Melynor and Dave Brotherton, Ilewydh Porthia, bards of Gorsedh Kernow, musicians and singer-songwriters based in St Ives, West Cornwall.

Delia and Dave are familiar figures on the traditional Cornish and Celtic folk scene and originally formed Bagas Porthia and St Ives Guisers in 2008 following a need to provide local musicians and dancers for traditional events such St Ives Feast Day, St Pirans Day and during Christmastide.

Tir ha Tavas grew out of a desire by Delia and Dave to write and perform more of their own original material including songs in the Cornish language Kernewek.  They possess a strong musical chemistry and are inspired by the beauty and majesty of the West Cornwall landscape and the recurring feeling of “hireth” or longing for home, felt very strongly by those who love Cornwall.  Their songs combine a sense of fun and wistfulness reflecting their take on modern Cornish life.

Tir ha Tavas has performed at many events in Cornwall, recently including

  • St Ives September Festival and Literary Festival

  • Lowender Peran Festival of the Celts

  • Gorsedh Kernow’s Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture

  • Federation of Old Cornwall Societies national Winter Festival and individual OCS events

  • Summer concerts in local churches

  • Tredegar House Folk Festival

They have also featured on local radio programmes.

Their show “Towl Ros/Cast Net” about Cornish fishing in music and words won a Gorsedh Kernow Creativity Award in 2018.

They represented Cornwall in the traditional song section of the Pan Celtic International Festival 2018, in Letterkenny, Ireland.

They have recorded three CDs

- “Bagas Porthia” - Cornish and Celtic tunes and songs from their five piece band Bagas Porthia

- “Ogh Penndra Vyghan” - a more intimate collection of songs with Tir ha Tavas, all in Kernewek

- “An Viaj / The Journey”- a collection of new, mostly self-penned songs in Kernewek and English

“……just to say ‘thank you’ for the wonderful Cornish music and songs, everyone really loved the performance and had a thoroughly wonderful evening.” St Ives Lit Fest.

“….beautifully crafted songs in the Cornish language by Delia and with their vocals and super tight harmonies along with Dave’s guitar playing they provide pretty unique entertainment.”

Philleigh (Cornwall) Folk Club.

“…..Dee and Dave Brotherton have made a wonderful contribution to Cornwall’s musical culture and both are also hard working bards within Gorsedh Kernow.” Federation of Old Cornwall Societies.

“….everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  It was so different from anything else we have had for a meeting and was certainly a very refreshing change.  We really enjoyed your choice of songs and loved that you sang some in Cornish – and we did appreciate your translations and explanations!”

Gerrans & Porthscatho OCS.

ies they provide a pretty unique entertainment. I hope to persuade Greg to invite them back for a Beatles special......

If you would like to enquire about Tir ha Tavas please contact Delia or Dave Brotherton on 01736 799305 or email  tirhatavas@hotmail.co.uk